This page describes the Course type.

This type is derived from, which means that any of this type's properties within may also be used. Note however the properties on this page must be used in preference if a relevant property is available.


Optional properties

PropertyExpected TypeDescription


Must always be present and set to "@type": "Course"


A unique URI-based identifier for the record.

@id properties are used as identifiers for compatibility with JSON-LD. The value of such a property must always be an absolute URI that provides a stable globally unique identifier for the resource, as described in RFC3986.

The primary purpose of the URI format in this context is to provide natural namespacing for the identifier. Hence, the URI itself may not resolve to a valid endpoint, but must use a domain name controlled by the resource owner (the organisation responsible for the OpenActive open data feed).


"@id": ""


Provide additional, specific documentation for participants about how disabilities are, or can be supported at the Event.


"accessibilityInformation": "This route has been British Cycling assessed as an accessible route, meaning it is suitable for the majority of adaptive bikes. The route will have no or low levels of traffic, there will be plenty of space and will have a good surface throughout. If you have any questions about using this route on an adaptive bike on this ride, please use visit or call 0123 456 7000 and ask for the Recreation team."


Array of Concept

Used to specify the types of disabilities or impairments that are supported at an event.


"accessibilitySupport": [ { "@type": "Concept", "@id": "", "prefLabel": "Visual impairment", "inScheme": "" } ]


Array of Concept

Specifies the physical activity or activities that will take place during a Course.


"activity": [ { "@id": "", "@type": "Concept", "prefLabel": "Netball", "inScheme": "" } ]


Indicates that an event is recommended as being suitable for or is targetted at a specific age range.


"ageRange": { "@type": "QuantitativeValue", "minValue": 50, "maxValue": 60 }


Organization - or - Person - or - @id reference

The person or organization who designed the Course. An author might be an schema:Organization or a schema:Person.

This property may reference the @id of the organizer of the CourseInstance within which this Course is embedded, to reduce data duplication.


"author": { "@type": "Organization", "@id": "", "name": "Central Speedball Association", "url": "" }


Array of Concept - or - Array of Text

Provides a set of tags that help categorise and describe an event, e.g. its intensity, purpose, etc.


"category": [ "High Intensity" ]


A plain text description of the Course, which must not include HTML or other markup.


"description": "Netball Youth Camps give junior netballers the chance to get together with their friends and take to the court in the holidays!

The camp is a non-residential holiday camp providing ‘Nothing but Netball’; not only will there be top quality coaching and fun netball activities but there is even an opportunity to meet and be inspired by an elite player.

If you are a junior netball lover (or the parent of one!) these are an unmissable holiday activity."


Indicates that an event is restricted to male, female or a mixed audience. This information must be displayed prominently to the user before booking. If a gender restriction isn't specified then applications should assume that an event is suitable for a mixed audience.


"genderRestriction": ""


Text - or - PropertyValue - or - Array of PropertyValue - or - Integer

A local non-URI identifier for the resource


"identifier": "BR1234"


Array of ImageObject

An image or photo that depicts the event, e.g. a photo taken at a previous event.


"image": [ { "@type": "ImageObject", "url": "", "thumbnail": [ { "@type": "ImageObject", "url": "" } ] } ]


Array of Text - or - Array of Concept

A general purpose property for specifying the suitability of an event for different participant “levels”. E.g. Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced. Or in the case of martial arts, specific belt requirements.


"level": [ "Beginner" ]


The name of the Course


"name": "Netball Youth Camp"


A definitive canonical URL for the Course.


"url": ""

Beta Extension properties

These properties are defined in the OpenActive Beta Extension. The OpenActive Beta Extension is defined as a convenience to help document properties that are in active testing and review by the community. Publishers should not assume that properties in the beta namespace will either be added to the core specification or be included in the namespace over the long term.

PropertyExpected TypeDescription


Proposal #276

Sometimes a description is stored with formatting (e.g. href, bold, italics, embedded YouTube videos). This formatting can be useful for data consumers. This property must contain HTML.


Array of VideoObject

Proposal #88

A related video object.

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