Code and tools supporting OpenActive SKOS-based standards.

The Simple Knowledge Organization System is used to structure a number of OpenActive Controlled Vocabularies, and is supported by repos with the topic skos. For a list of OpenActive SKOS vocabularies, see the Controlled Vocabularies page.

  • iqvoc: A SKOS editor, customised for OpenActive use.

  • skos.js: JavaScript library wrapping OpenActive JSON-LD with functions.

  • activity-list-xml-json: Takes XML-encoded activity input and converts it into a JSON-LD representation.

  • concept-scheme-restriction-generator: Outputs complete Concept Scheme files from ConceptSchemeRestrictions. In other words, given a parent Concept Scheme and a list of attributes to exclude from it, generates a Concept Scheme consisting of only those attributes which remain.

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