Types of RDPE feed

Time-based Events: Sessions and Courses

These always have at least activity, location and startDate specified: so a Yoga class in Downtown Leisure Centre at 7pm on a Tuesday. This class may be part of a 10-week course.

These are feeds which, at the top level, can contain a mixture of SessionSeries, EventSeries, HeadlineEvent , CourseInstance, ext:VirtualEvent (UC) or BroadcastEvent (UC).

Such types of event can be combined into a single feed or presented as separate feeds (e.g. a feed for classes and a feed for courses).

An example feed of Events can be found here.

Slot-based Events: FacilityUses

These always have at least activity andlocation specified, where the activity can be booked in slots: so a Tennis at Downtown Leisure Centre with slots available hourly from 8am until 8pm.

Two different levels of granularity are available: A FacilityUse represents "Badminton at Downtown Leisure Centre", where as IndividualFacilityUse is "Court 2 in Sports Hall 3 for Badminton at Towntown Leisure Centre".

For facilities a publisher must implement the following four independent feeds:

  • http://www.example.org/feeds/facility-uses

  • http://www.example.org/feeds/facility-uses/events

  • http://www.example.org/feeds/individual-facility-uses

  • http://www.example.org/feeds/individual-facility-uses/events

See this GitHub issue for more detail on this. Facilities is under development during the month of August 2018, so feedback especially welcome.