Activity List

The code behind the OpenActive's Activity List Controlled Vocabulary.

Repos tagged with the activity-list topic are used to power OpenActive's Activity List, our Controlled Vocabulary used to assign unique identifiers to sport activities.

  • activity-list: This repo contains the code used to parse the activity list and present it via a web front-end

  • activity-list-json-xml: A small repo; takes XML-encoded activity input and converts it into a JSON-LD representation.

  • concept-scheme-restriction generator: Outputs complete Concept Scheme files from ConceptSchemeRestrictions. In other words, given a parent Concept Scheme and a list of attributes to exclude from it, generates a Concept Scheme consisting of only those attributes which remain.

The Activity List Controlled Vocabulary is expressed in SKOS. Developers working on the Activity List may thus also wish to investigate OpenActive's skos repos.

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