Implementing booking

Implementations of the Open Booking API are currently being developed through collaboration within the OpenActive technical community. This is especially important so that the current development work on the OpenActive Test Suite can take into account feedback from real implementations. Please see the #openactive-test-suite slack channel for more information.

If you’re interested in implementing the Open Booking API, then please get in touch and announce yourself on the #implementation-forum Slack channel.

Prerequisites for Open Booking API

In order to build the Open Booking API, you must first have built both Open Opportunity Data Feeds, and created a Dataset Site.

Implementation guidance

For .NET, a full implementation tutorial is available:

For other languages, it is best to use the Open Booking API CR3 specification as an implementation reference.

.NET, PHP and Ruby Libraries

Several libraries are available that greatly simplify implementation of the Open Booking API.

The table below lists the available OpenActive libraries:


Booking Request/Response Serialisation and Deserialisation

Open Booking SDK



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